Referral Program Rules

1. Terms and Definitions

  1.1 Looky coins - virtual units reflected in the user's profile on the Looky social network, accrued for the user's activity on the social network, which the participant can spend inside Looky on premium features and promoting their own blog.

  1.2 Member - a person who meets the terms of participation in the Looky Referral Program, who has confirmed his agreement with these rules by using the referral code provided to him to attract new users of the Looky social network.

  1.3 Member referral code - a unique code for each member, available to the member in his Looky user profile in the "Referral program" menu item.

  1.4 A unique device is a user's mobile device that has not previously been used by a Looky user to register using a referral code.

  1.5 An active user is a user who uses the Looky app for at least 15 days in a calendar month. Using the application may include viewing content (feeds, posts, stories), reading and writing comments, reactions, posting your own content, and any other activity within the application.

  1.6 Organizer - the organizer of the Looky Referral Program.

2. General provisions

  2.1 The Looky referral program is a limited-time promotion aimed at attracting new users and encouraging them to actively use the Looky social network.

  2.2 The period of the Looky Referral Program is from May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024 inclusive. In the event of a change in the period of the Program, the Organizer has the right to additionally notify the Program Participants about this.

  2.3 Looky Referral Program Rules may use terms that are not defined in the Terms and Definitions section. In this case, the interpretation of such a term is carried out in the manner determined by the Looky User Agreement, as well as applicable law.

3. Terms of participation in the Looky Referral Program

  3.1 The opportunity to participate in the Looky Referral Program is available to capable individuals who have reached the age of 18 (eighteen) years, simultaneously satisfying the following conditions:

     3.1.1 The participant is a registered user of the social network Looky;

     3.1.2 The Participant complies with these Rules;

     3.1.3 The Participant is not an employee of the Organizer, whose labor function is directly related to attracting new users.

  3.2 The Organizer has the right to refuse participation or exclude a participant from the Looky Referral Program without explanation, including, but not limited to, in case of non-compliance with these Rules and / or abuse of the right. If a fact of violation of the Terms and/or abuse of the right is discovered, the Organizer has the right to refuse to provide the participant with an incentive and write off the previously accrued Looky coins provided to the participant as an incentive.

  3.3 In order to receive incentives under the Looky Referral Program, the participant motivates third parties to register and actively use the Looky social network.

  3.4 A member referral code is used to identify a new Looky user as a referred member.

  3.5 The fact that the participant uses the referral code for attracting new users means that the participant has read and agreed with these rules. The Member also agrees to receive communications from Looky regarding the Looky Referral Program. The specified messages will be sent in the built-in messenger in the Looky mobile application.

  3.6 A member referred a new Looky user if the user successfully installed the Looky mobile app on a unique device, registered, and used the member's referral promotional code when registering with Looky. Repeated and subsequent registrations on the same device in the Looky referral program are not taken into account.

  3.7 The participant is rewarded by the Organizer through the accrual of Looky coins for each Looky user attracted by the participant:

     3.7.1 For attracting a user - 20 Looky coins;

     3.7.2 For the first month of user activity (a full calendar month after the date of registration, by which the user was active) - 20 Looky coins;

     3.7.3 For the second month of activity - 40 Looky coins;

     3.7.4 For the third month of activity - 80 Looky coins;

     3.7.5 For the fourth month of activity - 160 Looky coins;

     3.7.6 Months of activity of the attracted user may be interrupted by periods of low activity, activity tracking and reward accrual is carried out during the entire period of the Looky Referral Program;

     3.7.7 The maximum total reward for an attracted Looky user is 320 Looky coins.

  3.8 For each of the first 10 attracted users, the participant is additionally credited with 100 bonus Looky coins.

  3.9 Referral user rewards:

     3.9.1 For registration with a referral code, the user is credited with 100 bonus Looky coins;

     3.9.2 For the first calendar month of activity, the user is credited with 100 bonus Looky coins.

4. Conscientious Participation

  4.1 The Participant undertakes to act in good faith, comply with the requirements of the current legislation, moral standards, as well as the rights of the Organizer and third parties.

  4.2 It is forbidden to invite participants:

     4.2.1 using information resources that contain information of a pornographic nature, promote violence, racial, sexual, religious and other forms of inequality, contain information expressly prohibited by law;

     4.2.2 by sending spam in any form (sending electronic messages without prior consent of the subscriber or addressee of such mailing);

     4.2.3 by creating web pages specially optimized for the search queries "looky", "" and their derivatives, solely for the purpose of redirecting visitors to another site or page (doorway);

     4.2.4 using double domains in relation to the site , exploiting possible errors in the spelling of the domain;

     4.2.5 through misleading, misinforming potential users of the Looky social network about the rules of the Looky referral program.

5. Final provisions

  5.1 In case of questions or claims, the participant should contact Customer Service at

  5.2 The Participant is not entitled to transfer his rights and / or obligations under the Looky Referral Program to third parties.

  5.3 The Organizer has the right to make changes to these Rules, including the terms of the Referral Program, the parameters and procedure for remuneration of participants, in connection with which the participant undertakes to regularly monitor possible changes. The current version of the Rules is published on the page at: The performance by the participant of actions aimed at receiving rewards within the framework of the Looky Referral Program after the change in the Rules is a confirmation of the participant's agreement with the new version of the Rules.